Business premises

The Company Državne nekretnine manages about 12,000 properties, a 40 percent of which are business premises. Business premises are owned by the Republic of Croatia, and they have been handed over to Državne nekretnine for the purpose of management by the Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and State Assets.

139Locations in Croatia

342 464Area in m2

The main objective of the Company is to activate state assets by putting vacant business premises into operation and to legally regulate relations with as many existing users as possible, in accordance with existing legislation. The Company contributes to the state budget by paying VAT, income tax and profit, and with investments and maintenance increases the value and opportunities for commercialization of business premises. With tenders for lease, we want to put business premises into operation and contribute to the creation of prerequisites for economic growth and development of the state, respecting the principles of state asset management.

In 2023, 9 tenders for lease were published along with 201 offered business premises in 19 cities, and 499 offers were received and processed.

In 2022, 6 tenders for lease were published along with 149 offered business premises in 20 cities, 400 offers were received and processed and the average success rate of published tenders is greater than 70%.

From 2014 to the end of 2021 the Company conducted 46 tenders for lease of business premises, offered 1,092 business premises to the market and processed almost 2,500 offers from interested users throughout the Republic of Croatia.

The amounts of rent reached in the tenders primarily depended on the location and size of the business premises and ranged from approximately 30 to 16,000 EUR per month, plus VAT.