The largest number of properties managed by the Company are apartments, and the portfolio includes about 7,000 apartments owned by the Republic of Croatia and located all over the country.

160Locations in Croatia

338 895Area in m2

In the course of operations and property management, the status of apartments is continuously monitored and regulated, and the Company also performs preparatory activities for their disposal. The apartments managed by the Company differ according to purpose and use, and the amounts of rent depend on the basis on which the apartment is used. The occupancy of the apartments is about 90 percent.

  • Apartments with protected rent – they are used on the basis of agreements with local self-government units in accordance with the Apartment Lease Act or on the basis of the status of former tenancy right holders in accordance with the Housing Relations Act
  • Apartments with the right of use (freely agreed rent) – they are used by persons on the legal basis, i.e. contracts concluded with local self-government units, and by co-owners with the co-owned part of the Republic of Croatia
  • Apartments for official purposes – they are used by state officials and civil servants
  • Apartments with economic rent – they are used based on conducted tenders for rent
  • Apartments without a legal basis – they are used by people who had a legal basis for use, but it ceased to be active (agreement expired/terminated/denounced/annulled), people who lived in an apartment with a former tenancy right holder, but do not exercise the right to transfer the status or have lost their legal basis and thereby changed their status (e.g. due to non-payment) and people who entered the apartment illegally (e.g. burglary)
  • Apartments for temporary accommodation – they are used by citizens whose properties were damaged in the December 2020 earthquake

The Company continuously conducts the checks of users and the basis of their use of state apartments, to ensure that it is harmonized with the actual situation and legally regulated in all categories, and the assets of the Republic of Croatia are protected and active.