From an abandoned place to a Croatian fashion brand store

A good example of an effective putting into operation of business premises managed by the company Državne nekretnine is the one in the very center of the city of Zagreb, at Amruševa 19. The business premise at that address is about 350 m² in size and in just a few months it was transformed from an unsightly place into a functional one. It was looking for its lessee in the tender of Državne nekretnine in December 2017. The best offer came from the Croatian fashion house ELFS, and the premise was handed over to the lessees for use. The lease agreement was concluded for five years.

The new “tenants” of Amruševa 19 wanted to get the business premise ready as soon as possible. According to them, bureaucratic procedures followed, i.e. obtaining the necessary consents, and a large number of contractors performed construction works for two months. Before this premise in the very center of the city was put into operation, dilapidated installations and many other infrastructural problems had to be solved.

The store was opened in April 2018 and the lessee evaluated the business experience and cooperation with Državne nekretnine gained so far: “Since we wanted to move in a very short period of time to the premise that we won in the tender as the best tenderer, intensive communication with the Company’s employees was more than necessary. Thanks to professionalism and cooperation, we brought the premise to its purpose in record time.”

Published 5. November 2018.